The Challenges and Calling of Prison Chaplaincy

Being a chaplain in any setting—whether in a healthcare facility, a university, or in the military—can prove both challenging and rewarding. Prisons are another setting where chaplains can have a meaningful impact. What’s more, there…

prison chaplain
Building Interfaith Communities Religious Pluralism & Religion in the Modern World

The Need for Discussing Religion in an Interfaith World

In a diverse society, debate is unavoidable. How do we discuss sensitive topics like religion openly, productively, and respectfully? There’s the old maxim of forbidden dinner table topics – right at the top, you’ll find…

discussing religion in an interfaith world
Religious Pluralism & Religion in the Modern World

Discussions for Peacebuilding: Peace, Justice and Violence in Sacred Texts

Discussions build interfaith understanding At Hartford Seminary, students engage in interfaith dialogue on a regular basis. Sometimes this means having difficult discussions about conflicts and events that have happened to and within different faith communities…

interfaith discussions for peacebuilding

The Role of Faith in Times of Crisis: American Attitudes Toward Religion During the Pandemic

In times of crisis and uncertainty, it’s not uncommon for people to reach for sources of comfort, security, and support. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, for many people in countries hit particularly…

how faith changes in times of crisis